Monday, June 13, 2011

Birch Hill Dam – Colossus

Independently Released 2011

When you think of heavy groove bands you probably think of places like Southern California or perhaps even the Southern United States; where the sound has thrived. Massachusetts' Birch Hill Dam threw me for a loop when I heard their self-titled album. I absolutely fell in love with this band's music. I stand by the statement I made then that “Birch Hill Dam have monster grooves that will roll you over like that boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Birch Hill Dam isn’t only punishing, but on the latest effort Colossus the guys have stepped up the melody, the production and the musicianship. The band’s sound hasn’t strayed too far from what we heard on the debut album, there’s a Southern Doom Metal vibe on Colossus. Their sound remains akin to post-1993 era Corrosion of Conformity but more accessible and just as potent. There are plenty of tasty grooves as before and the guitar work is blistering yet exceptional at the same time. Some of the standouts of Colossus are; the title track “Colossus,” “2600,” “Fathoms Below,” and “Ivory Tusk.” On their previous album they tackled the Kyuss classic “Green Machine” with ease. On Colossus they close with a rendition of the Twisted Sister classic “Burn In Hell.” The result is pummeling and would make Dee Snider grin from ear to ear.

Much like on their debut album Birch Hill Dam make good use of their time. Less is so much more; just because you can fit 80 minutes worth of music onto an album- doesn’t mean you have to. Quality over quantity wins each and every time. Birch Hill Dam knocked it out of the park so to speak with Colossus which has proved to be an earth moving monstrosity of epic proportions.

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