Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vicious Rumors- Razorback Killers

SPV USA 2011

The Bay Area is known for it's eclectic music scene however when you think of stuff on the heavier side most immediately think of Metallica or perhaps Testament. Let’s not forget Vicious Rumors who are an extraordinary traditional Power Metal band from that area. Unfortunately Vicious Rumors has seen their fair share of line-up changes; the death of singer Carl Albert after the Word of Mouth album sent the band into a tail spin. It wasn’t until 2006’s Warball that the guitarist/founder Geoff Thorpe began to right the ship. Without question the addition of James Rivera (Helstar, Seven Witches, Malice)on vocals helped tremendously. That album was one of the best efforts of the Vicious Rumors’ career.

This brings us to 2011 where a new Vicious Rumors line-up has released a new album entitled Razorback Killers. If you’re into blistering, high octane metal, with thrash tendencies and death defying vocal pyrotechnics then Razorback Killers is sure to please. The addition of Oregon native Brian Allen (Malice and Last Empire) on vocals has lifted the band from the abyss and brought them back to the caliber that they were in ’06 when Rivera joined. Joining leader/guitarist Geoff Thorpe and vocalist Brian Allen are; guitarist Kiyoshi Morgan, bassist Stephen Goodwin, and long-time drummer Larry Howe.

Vicious Rumors offers up an unmerciful audio thrashing on the listener with Razorback Killers. Vicious Rumors invited a couple of friends to take part in the festivities; Brad Gillis of Night Ranger laid down a hellacious solo on the sadistic, closing track “Deal With The Devil,” and Testament’s Eric Peterson played harmony and lead guitar on the ferocious opener “Murderball.” Other notable tracks are; the aggressive “Razorback Blade,” Allen showcases his versatility on the slow-moving but brutal “Black,” the go for the jugular paced “Bloodstained Sunday” is spine-tingling, and "Let the Garden Burn" has a killer, memorable gang chorus. In short Razorback Killers is on par with Vicious Rumors classics like; Digital Dictator, Vicious Rumors, Welcome to the Ball and most recently Warball. One can only imagine what this band is capable of if the current line-up remains intact. Highly recommended listening.

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